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Dawes Investigations is a local Toowoomba business that started in 2006. Our principal investigator completed his law degree from James Cook University and have spent four years working in a law firms in the darlings downs region.

Our approach to business is professional, reliable and reasonability priced. Our lead investigators legal skills and knowledge in negotiation has lead to numerous debts being repaid in full or by arrangement of a repayment plan and property recovered.

Dawes Investigations has two operational functions, as an Investigator and as a Commercial Sub Agent.




There are two types of investigations conducted by investigators.

  • One is factual, which involves obtaining statements (Audio/Written) for a variety of insurance or legal matters. This also includes drafting reports for the insurance companies to make accurate decisions regarding claims.
  • Second is surveillance, which is to obtain photos/video evidence for legal or insurance claims.

Dawes Investigations concentrates on factual investigation for insurance claims and legal matters such as:

  • Worker's Compensations
  • Public Liability
  • Income Protection
  • CTP
  • Burglary
  • Property Damage
  • Stolen Vehicles/Property
  • Accidents


We examine matters pertaining to insurance claims that are suspicious or otherwise in doubt for some reason. Some insurance companies have their own in-house investigation teams while other companies sub-contract the work to private investigation firms like ours. Although such investigations are sometimes conducted to combat fraud, very often our organisation will be working simply to establish the circumstances of a particular claim.


Property Damage

We examine claims for property damage that need to be explained so that a claim can be processed. Was the damage in the claim deliberate or accidental or wear and tear. This can be in investment property, commercial or residential.



We have the capacity to investigate CTP, farm accidents and worker's compensation claims for suspicious or otherwise in doubt so that the claim can be possessed. This is so fraudulent claims can be identified.

Commercial Sub Agent

Commercial Sub Agent


This involves conducting work for other commercial agency firms from around Australia.

  • Field Calls
  • Repossessions (Vehicles & Machinery)
  • Lockouts
  • Process Serving
Commercial Sub Agent

Field Calls

We conduct door knocking of addresses regarding chasing up outstanding debts, confirming address or the occupancy of an address.

Commercial Sub Agent


We conduct repossessions of the security for numerous finance companies. This could be a vehicle (car or truck) or building (residential or commercial). If it is a building being repossessed, we will arrange for the locks to be changed by a professional locksmith.

Commercial Sub Agent

Process Serving

We conduct the serving of letters of demand and court documents on a person or company.

Documents served and not limited to:

  • QCAT applications
  • Magistrates Documents
  • District court Documents
  • Family Law applications
  • Summons
  • Subpoena’s
  • Divorce Applications
  • Supreme Court Documents
Commercial Sub Agent


This is the process of repossession of commercial building or private residence. This involves:

  • Locksmith changing the locks
  • Securing the building.
  • Sign being placed on the building displaying repossession by mortgagee or other
  • Keys delivered to client or nominated real estate.


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